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Badie, Kambiz

  • Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering

  • Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence

Kambiz Badie graduated from Alborz high school in Tehran and received all his degrees from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, majoring in pattern recognition.

Within the past years, he has been actively involved in doing research in a variety of issues, such as machine learning, cognitive modeling, and knowledge processing & creation in general, and analogical knowledge processing, experience modeling and modeling interpretation process in particular, with emphasis on creating new ideas, techniques and contents.

His familiarity with Constructive Realism (as a new epistemological movement) and its main strategy (Strangification) gave him an opportunity to investigate his desired topics from the viewpoint of this epistemological movement. Within this context he has developed a number of approaches as well as frameworks using strangification as a core strategy for analogical reasoning as well as interpretation processes.

Out of the frameworks developed by Dr. Badie, “interpretative approach to analogical reasoning”, “viewpoint oriented manipulation of concepts”, “ semantic modeling of phenomenological experience”, “semantic fusion for phrase interpretation” and “schema satisfaction reasoning”, are particularly mentionable as novel approaches to creative idea generation, which in turn have a variety of applications in developing novel scientific frameworks as well as creating potential pedagogical and research support contents.

Dr. Badie is one of the active researchers in the areas of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary studies in Iran, and has a high motivation for applying intelligent/ cognitive/phenomenological modeling methodology to the human issues. Currently, he has become highly interested in modeling the process of phenomenological experience as a step to promoting pedagogical quality in cyber-space. At present, he is a member of scientific board of IT Research Faculty at Research Institute for ICT, an affiliated professor at Faculty of Engineering Science in the University of Tehran, and in the meantime, the editor-in-chief of International Journal of Information & Communication Technology Research (IJICTR) being published periodically by Research Institute for ICT.


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Badie, Kambiz






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