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Read about new initiatives taken by the department to encourage participation of women and under-represented minorities in our community.

Women in EngSci

The department has a growing community of female alumnae, faculty, current and prospective postdocs and students. Visit their Women in EngSci website to learn more about their research and seminars.

Alumni and Friends

We are proud to have a vast network of alumni of our department who are involved these days in a great diversity of interesting activities including education, scientific research, engineering, investing and management. We encourage our alumni to stay in contact with us and send us their thoughts and ideas.


Our alumni and friends have played a crucial role through their gifts to the Department. Basic Science and Engineering Science has traditionally been a poorer than other, better endowed, departments in science and engineering. Moreover, federal funding for basic science, including mathematics, has been tight in recent years. We need ample financial resources to continue to attract the very best faculty and students, as well as to continue important programs such as SPUR and RSI, which give our talented undergraduate students and selected high-school students an experience doing EngSci (mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Engineering) research.


If you are interested in giving to the Department, please see the giving page in this section of the website.