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Staf Awards

Engineering Science Excellence Award

The Engineering Science Excellence Awards acknowledge the extraordinary efforts made by members of our community toward fulfilling the goals, values, and mission of the Institute. This is among the highest honors awarded to staff by UT. Professionalism, commitment to best practices, and high standards of excellence are at the heart of these awards.

  • 2012    Hamideh Nabati (Serving the Client)
  • 2010    Homayoun Heshmati (Serving the Client)
  • 2009    Mir Kazem Jalaly (Serving the Client)
  • 2008    Fatemeh Moazemi (Serving the Client)
  • 2007    Undergraduate EngSci Office Team (Serving the Client)

Infinite Mile Award, College of Engineering

The award recognize and rewards employees in the College of Engineering for their dedication to the College and their willingness to go the extra mile or in some cases, the infinite miles required to get their jobs accomplished.

  • 2012    Hamideh Nabati
  • 2010    Homayoun Heshmati
  • 2009    Mir Kazam Jalali
  • 2008    Fatemeh Moazemi