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Welcome to the Engineering Science Department at UT.

As the Head of the Department since 2008, I have the unique opportunity to work with a remarkable collection of colleagues who, united by their passion for engineering science research, join together to create an environment where enthusiasm and creativity can flourish.

Engineering Science occupies a core intellectual position at College of Engineering, University of Tehran, an institution that is well known for its leadership in Science and Engineering. All Engineering undergraduates take our classes, and we enjoy a special responsibility to teach these extraordinary students to appreciate the subject the way we do.

As we look forward to the coming period, significant challenges and opportunities lie ahead. Upcoming faculty retirement and recruitment will affect the character of the Department. Efforts to educate and recruit from a more diverse population must be maintained and expanded. Changing allocations of federal support for basic research affect us. We have an obligation to help set the national priorities and guidelines for basic scientific research and for the way our children are taught.

Dear Reader, whether you are across the hallway or around the world, prospective student or distinguished researcher, I welcome you once again to explore our Engineering Science universe.

Dara Moazzami
Department Head
Professor of Applied Mathematics