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All visitors, whether paid or unpaid, foreign or domestic, should be formally appointed when they come to UT to research and collaborate for any length of time. All visitors are here at our discretion, in the fullest sense of the word, and anyone occupying UT facilities and using UT resources must have a formal connection to the University of Tehran. The appointment serves to limit the exposure of the University of Tehran to financial risk, either through lawsuits, or increased overhead expenses.


If Homayon Heshmati, the Department's Coordinator, is notified far enough in advance of a proposed visit, he will be able to process the appointment form in time for the visitor to be entered into the personnel computer system. This will enable the visitor to obtain an UT ID card, even if the visit is for a short time. This ID card provides conveniences such as: instant library privileges, access to UT buildings after-hours and, access to automated UT lots and garages (if arrangements have been made for a parking permit).


Because holders of tourist visas are not permitted to make official visits to UT, the visa status of all foreign visitors, whether paid or unpaid, is very important. The type of payment a foreign visitor may receive, if any, will also restrict the choice of visa. The payment of honoraria or salaries in particular are very narrowly confined; please be sure to check with Homayon when you are considering this form of payment. For more specific information concerning visas, see the Visas page.