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College of Engineering Proposals

 You will find word help for writing college of engineering proposals. Please start by reading the instructions in the Guide to Using the College of Engineering Template.

Important Note 1: College of Engineering Fast Lane is trying to minimize font problems by requiring that proposal writers use only certain type fonts, namely: "Use of only the approved typefaces identified below, a black font color, and a font size of 10 points or larger must be used ":

· For Windows users: Arial, Courier New, or Palatino linotype at a font size of 10 points or larger

· For Macintosh users: Times New Roman at a font size of 11 points or larger

· For TeX users: Computer Modern family of fonts at a font size of 11 points or larger

Important Note 2: All pages of the proposal must be numbered, including the 1 page summary.

Download College of Engineering master template:

· The Master File compiles the following sections

· The Project Summary section

· The Project Description section

· The References Cited section

· The Biographical Sketch section

· Plans for Data Management and Research Products

Proposal Guide

Policies and Procedures – College of Engineering Grant Proposal Guide