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UT's Department of Engineering Science has consistently been ranked the top EngSci Department in the country. This is partly because the department's research mission is broad and ambitious, and partly because heavy emphasis has been placed on attracting the best faculty in all areas of Basic Science and Engineering.

This extraordinary faculty — some of the most brilliant minds, across a wide spectrum of disciplines — likewise attracts the brightest students, both graduate and undergraduate. As faculty members approach new problems on the frontiers of knowledge, they simultaneously train the talented young basic scientist (mathematicians, Physics and Chemist) and Engineer, of the future. Graduates of the EngSci department can be found on the faculties of major universities and colleges all over the world, as well as in government, business, and industry.

Given the crucial role the faculty plays in its successes, the EngSci department's greatest challenge now is renewal.

Support the Department Today

Many of our tenured faculty, hired in the 1970s and 1980s, have recently retired or will do so in the next few years. Engineering departments across the country have similar age distributions. Intense competition for top Engineer Scientist to replace retiring faculty is already evident. We must act aggressively to retain our people and to recruit others.

Support for Faculty

Named professorships through endowed chairs are one way to make this happen. If UT Engineering is to stay at the top, we must find, attract, and retain the most promising and accomplished Engineer Scientist worldwide. The department must be able to match — or exceed — offers from other schools. An endowed chair is a visible way to recognize and reward outstanding researchers and educators. It is one of the most lasting and significant gifts a donor can make to UT. Simply put, an endowed chair accomplishes two things: It provides a permanent legacy to honor scholarship, teaching, and research for the chair holders, and it reflects the benefactor's abiding commitment to UT.

Support for Graduate Students

Fellowships for graduate study are essential for attracting the very best students to our program. We aim to offer all of our graduate students full fellowships during their first year at UT because it gives them a chance to complete coursework, begin research and become accustomed to a new environment, free of the added responsibility to teach or grade papers.

With its distinguished, award-winning faculty and brilliant students, Engineering Science Department remains a cornerstone of UT. This is crucial time for basic science and engineering at UT, as we are making decisions about faculty and research that will shape our future. Our friends and alumni play a vital role in ensuring the continued greatness of this department. We invite you to become involved in our enterprise.

Naming Opportunities

Named Chair $3 00000
Fully Endowed Fellowship $1 00000
Endowed One Semester Fellowships $500,00
Expendable Fellowship (one year) $65,00


For more information, please contact:

Dr. Amin Ghodousian
Director of Development, Engineering Science
University of Tehran
College of Engineering, Department of Engineering Science, Enghlab st., Tehran, Iran.
Tel: 61112174