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Telecommunication Engineering

The Department of EngSci Telecom Engineering aspires to be an excellence center in providing education and research in the fields of Telecommunication equipment, communication technology, communication networks and ICT service development. The Graduate Program in Telecommunication Engineering provides intensive preparation in the theory, design, implementation and applications of wireless & fixed telecommunication systems and networks. The research domain is mainly focused in wireless communication and related subjects. The Department of Telecommunication Engineering offers graduate courses of study leading to the M.Sc. in Telecommunication Engineering.

Department Research:

There is no strict restriction on research topics. However, research anddevelopment activities and interests at the department of EngSci Telecom Engineering focus on the following areas of research.

Antennas and Radio Wave Propagation:

  1. Communications and Signal Processing
  2. Wireless and Mobile Networks
  3. Network Planning and Security
  4. Wireless Applications and Services
  5. Communications and Signal Processing
  6. Emerging Network Technologies & services, Regulatory issues of emerging telecom technologies

Department of EngSciTelecom Engineering has two major research categories: staff research and graduate students research (Thesis works). Each of these research categories has different mission based on the content, time and budget allotted to it.

Staff Research

The staff research category can fall in one of the above research areas of the department. The research will be conducted by staff of the department, possibly in collaboration with other invited researchers from collaborating institutions. Staff research will have the following features:

  1. Most of the cases, it will take longer research duration and higher investment.
  2. Its end result should be somewhat visible, useful and applicable on the existing telecom systems.
  3. It can be multidisciplinary and thus will be conducted in collaboration with other departments or institutions.
  4. It may be funded by the college or other funding organizations.

Graduate Students Thesis Work

Telecom engineering EngSci graduate students are engaged in a range of basic and applied research projects, which are supported by the college. The research activities of the graduate students are conducted at the end of their study for the fulfillment of their Master's degree. This research (thesis) work is subjected to the following conditions.

Thesis works are time limited to one semester. Therefore it should be a focused study that can be complete on time.
Graduate students are encouraged to choose their master's thesis topics in line with the research areas of the department staff. Furthermore they are allowed to make contacts with respective sponsor organizations on research topics.

The student research areas are limited in time to at least a one-semester period. Hence the research can be part of a research that can be continued by a staff or a next-batch of graduate student.